AGA Running Costs

The AGA's gentle warmth in the spring / autumn (and some British summers) can mean that where you may have clicked the heating on for an hour or so in the morning and evening you now don't need to - saving money on your heating bill.

It's also possible with modern Total Control models (and some 13amp electric and gas models fitted with the now discontinued 'AIMS' system) to program the AGA to run at lower temperatures for parts of the day when they're not in use.

This will reduce the amount of warmth to the room, reduce the fuel consumption and reduce the running costs.

By how much?

Well, it's difficult to say - there are so many variables (and it just wouldn't be practical to test each one and report the results): it depends on how the cooker is set and used as to how much of a saving you'll make. Generally, the lower the setting and the longer it is at the lower setting then the lower the fuel consumption.

In short, savings with AIMS (for gas or 13amp electric AGAs) will USUALLY be in the region of 10% to 25%. For AGA Total Control models the reduction can be more, depending of course on how you set and use it.

The table below shows the running costs for an AGA running at FULL heat, ALL day, EVERY day.

We've also shown the costs for an AGA Dual Control when set at its 'Low' (3/4 heat) setting (which is 200 degrees C in the top oven) and only turned up to cook when needed. (Cooking AGA's 'Standard menu', which is shown separately below - AGA sent the cooker to an indepedent testing company and these are the consumption figures they reported back when using the menu.)

The AGA Total Control was also tested with the same 'menu' either being used from 'off' and turned on to cook, or in 'Slumber' mode (100 degrees C in all three ovens, for background roomheating) and then turned up to cook.

Weekly Running Costs - AGA Cookers

Fuel / Model 2 Oven 3 Oven 4 Oven Cost/unit
Natural Gas £14.40
3.39p / kWh
E7 Electric £22.22
n/a £27.18
9.9p / kWh
13amp Electric £31.02
14.1p / kWh
Oil £24.40
40 Litres
n/a £33.55
55 Litres
61p / litre
LPG £36.60
61p / litre
Dual Control
(Full Heat)
n/a £35.25
n/a 14.1p / kWh
Dual Control
(3/4 setting + Menu)
n/a £21.15
n/a 14.1p / kWh
Total Control
(Full Heat)
n/a £35.25
n/a 14.1p / kWh
Total Control
(Slumber + Menu)
n/a £11.30
n/a 14.1p / kWh
AGA 3 Series and AGA 60
(Off + Menu)
n/a £5.00 - £6.00
n/a 14.1p / kWh

Prices updated November 2018 from local suppliers (oil and LPG) and from (our postcode, BD23 6DR for natural gas and electricity).

Prices don't include servicing - this adds to the overall running cost (6 monthly for oil AGAs, 12 monthly for gas and a safety check every 30 months for electric). See AGA Servicing for more information.

Fuel consumption figures are those produced / published by AGA in past and present brochures. We've found them to be quite accurate but we can't guarantee that they are definitive.

Models with an internal hot water boiler (where possible, they're not available with all cookers) will use approximately 50% more fuel than the non-boiler models shown here.

Meals for a week, family of two adults and two children (assumes breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday are not cooked).

PLEASE NOTE: Actual energy consumptions will vary greatly dependent on demand, weight of food cooked and even how 'well done' the food is required to be. The boiling of kettles on the hotspots will also affect total energy used, but the weekly menu covers limited boiling of a kettle.