The AGA 3 Series 'Everyday' Cookers

A contemporary AGA with the flexibility for Everyday living

AGA Everyday eR3 100-4i in White

90cm wide or 100cm wide models available.

No flue needed, cheap to run, no annual servicing, and an induction hob option.

It's everything you'd expect of an AGA: true AGA cast-iron ovens for real AGA radiant-heat cooking, a super-quick, dual function electric hotplate. All with simple, easy to use controls.


Both 90cm and 100cm Models have a dual-function hotplate on the left for either simmering or boiling.

The outer section is useable and provides extra cooking area (albeit at a lower heat) to the main hot-plate.

AGA 3 Series Warming plate option

Warming Plate

At the right-hand side - a handy, durable warming plate.

The 90-3, 100-3 and 100-4 models have a warming plate at the right-hand side. Not hot enough to cook on but ideal for resting meat, or just getting food ready to serve.

Induction Hob Option

Instead of the large warming plate on the right, the 'i' models (90-3i, 100-3i and 100-4i) have the optional two-zone induction hob.

With touch-controls, pan detection and numerous automatic functions the induction hob adds a new level of functionality to your AGA.

AGA eR3 100-3i and 100-4i Induction hob


- Defrost / melt (44 C).

- Warm and keep warm (70 C).

- Warm and simmer (90 C).

- Boil-detection for water.

- Heat to frying temperature.

- Timer functions (various).

- Keep simmering or re-boil.

- Boil-detection for water.

- Boil dry detection.

- Pan detection.

- Bridging function (join two zones to make one large one).

AGA 3 Series Induction hob option


All models have two cast-iron AGA radiant heat ovens on the left, and a sheet-metal warming oven on the right.

Upper left - dual function cast-iron oven that can be set to either roasting (240 C) or baking (190 C) temperature.

Lower left - simmering and slow-cooking oven (110-120 C).

Right-hand side - warming oven (switched separately). For keeping plates warm and other general 'warming' duties (technically not for 'holding' food, it's not hot enough to meet the official food safety standards temperature for this).

AGA eR3 100-3

100-4 Models

The 100-4 models have an additional storage cavity (which isn't heated) at the top right.

AGA eR3 100-4